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Cisco UCS C-Series

  • The demands of today’s data center greatly differ from the past. IT management is a key focus for organizations seeking to reduce costs and maximize business productivity and resiliency utilizing IT operations. Pressure to improve efficiency, decrease power consumption, and increase data center density are at odds with increasing demand for compute, storage, and networking capabilities. In addition, virtualization has introduced challenges to the data center in terms of capacity optimization and escalating management tasks and complexity. Built from the ground up, Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS), offered by EXD, is an innovative technology that sets the stage to meet both current and future challenges and deliver on the requirements of data center optimization.

    EXD offers Cisco UCS, a next-generation data center platform that unites compute, network, management, virtualization, and storage access into one cohesive system designed to significantly reduce management requirements and increase business efficiency and agility, providing greatly reduced TCO. The system integrates a low-latency, lossless, 10-GbE unified fabric with enterprise-class, x86 servers. UCS is an integrated, scalable, multi-chassis and/or multi-rack solution in which all resources participate in a single Unified Management domain.

    Cisco SingleConnect technology is proposed by <<PartnerName>> to reduce data center complexity, lower the number of interfaces, cables, and switches required, cut the cost-per-server, as well as reduce footprint, power, and cooling requirements. UCS SingleConnect enables Unified Management and Unified Fabric connectivity for Cisco UCS B-Series and UCS C-Series servers, driving commonality and consistency of management and connectivity across UCS solutions. In addition, rack servers can be fully integrated with UCS blade servers using the leading server management tool, Cisco UCS Manager. EXD offers the complete suite of UCS components, enabling data centers to deploy and manage their rack and blade server together in a single, automated management instance and build, store, and redeploy server identities and servers as needed, using industry-leading UCS Manager.

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