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Expand the Learning Experience

  • Students today no longer rely on their textbooks and imaginations alone to envision the world. The Internet now transports them to all types of interactive, multimedia content, opening digital windows onto places, people, and issues. With each one of your students bringing their unique preferences and perspectives to the classroom, clients needs to know how to take advantage of technology to help them learn more effectively and develop specialized skills. At the same time, schools face growing budget pressure, which requires them to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Cisco TelePresence can play an important role in addressing the following challenges:

    • Deliver rich-media experiences with simplicity: The more complex a collaboration platform the more time it takes to set up teaching sessions and staff meetings, which can hinder productivity.
    • Accelerate response times for faster decision making: Collaboration using face-to-face video is only as effective as the underlying technology used to deliver these interactions. As such, <<client>> needs a solution that emphasizes speed and reliability, so faculty and staff can make the right decisions at the right time.
    • Maximize productivity across multiple campuses: Collaboration is becoming more and more important as schools strive to work more closely with other schools, districts, regions, and countries. Expanding access to information and connecting with other people and groups can improve learning and cultivate best practices.

    Effective collaboration between personnel to speed execution and improve results has never been more important and having the right tools to do the job has never been more essential. As such, collaboration should represent a key part of your organization’s growth initiatives.



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